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Gadis Tourist Service Italia Incoming Tour Operator for Groups


Gadis Tourist Service Italia Incoming Tour Operator for Groups

APULIA from the spur to the heel of Italy’s boot

Apulia is a wonderful region, discover its charm on a cultural, natural and gastronomic tour! Immerse yourself in its colours, scents and tastes, contrasting lights and shades: the blue sky, the azure sea waters, the green olive groves and vine yards and the bright white houses and streets. The white trulli houses are impressive. These circular dwellings with conical shaped roofs are scattered in the Intra valley and the greatest concentration is in Alberobello, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Numberless tastes and scents make Apulia a great Italian garden – with a local cuisine strongly based on local countryside and sea food products. You can offer your guests excellent tasting of local products in the typical „masserie“.

Since Apulia’s coastline is very long and places are very distant from each other we suggest that the tour be divided into two parts, namely the northern area of Gargano and the southern area of Bari or Lecce, a less known town which indeed is an enchanting city of art and a pearl of the Apulia Baroque.

Believe us: a tour in Apulia will be successful!


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