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Gadis Tourist Service Italia Incoming Tour Operator for Groups


Gadis Tourist Service Italia Incoming Tour Operator for Groups

Lake Maggiore and Lombardy, mild climate and large industries

The northern part of Lombardy with its large lakes enclosed in the Alps has been a favourite tourist destination for many centuries.

Charles Magne must have been impressed by the Mediterranean scenery opening to the traveller at the southern edge of the Alps after the difficult crossing of the Alps around 800 A.C. on his way to the crowning in Rome.  Now things are different: you can easily reach the region through the different Alps passes, highways and airports (also ideal for an overnight stay for long and short trips, for example weekend tours).

Visitors will be immersed in a varied natural setting – still lakes and mountains, gardens and parks rich in Alps and Mediterranean plants and flowers.

If you want to be accommodated in the attractive metropolis of Milan you will find convenient accommodation outside the exhibition area, but you need to consider flexible dates. Alternatively you will find accommodation in the surroundings of the city.

Lake Maggiore and Lombardy, mild climate and large companies.

Most of the hotels on Lake Maggiore are located on the Piedmont bank of the lake (Arona, Stresa, Baveno, Verbania), and most of them are upgraded superior hotels. In the surrounding area of Lake Maggiore there is a number of hotel facilities at very good rates. Hotels on Lake Como are limited and feature a few rooms, while the greatest concentration of accommodation facilities in the rest of Lombardy, apart from Milan with its wide range of international facilities, is in the capitals of the provinces, where new hotels have been built inside ancient fascinating palaces.


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