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Gadis Tourist Service Italia Incoming Tour Operator for Groups

Update on the Italian Covid-19 situation - December 2021

Italy latest updates, December 16st 

Dear partners,
Since December 16, in order to contain the Omicron variant in Italy, a negative test must be presented for entering Italy.
Therefore, there are now 3 requirements from December 16 to January 31 for entering Italy for those coming from a list C country (*):

1) Demonstrating the COVID-19 vaccination status (fully vaccinated) or recovery record – Green Pass
2) Showing evidence of a negative test taken within 48 hours before entering Italy, if PCR test taken within 24 hours before entering Italy, in case of antigen test
3) Filling in the digital passenger locator form


In the absence of a vaccination or recovery certificate (Green Pass), the following obligations must be fulfilled:

• Filling in the Passenger Locator Form prior to entering Italy (digital or paper).
• Showing evidence, prior to entering Italy, of a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours before entering or of a negative antigen test taken within 24 hours before entering;
• Remaining in self-isolation for 5 days at the address indicated in the Passenger Locator Form.
• Taking another PCR or antigen test at the end of the 5-days self-isolation 

- Children under 6 years of age are exempt from the pre-entry testing; they are also exempt from the vaccination certificate requirement (Green Pass).
- Minors aged 6 and over, on the other hand, must showing evidence of a test before departure, but are also exempt from the obligation to provide proof of vaccination (Green Pass).

Also exempt if no Covid-19 symptoms are present,
- Train crews
- Transport staff
- Travellers which are travelling for proven reasons of work for less than 120 hours (5 days).
- Travellers which are transiting Italy in a private vehicle, for less than 36 hours.

Since December 20, the regions of Veneto, Liguria, Marche and the province of Trento are "yellow" as Calabria, Friuli and the province of Bolzano, which were already yellow. What has changed?

There are only two relevant differences: In the yellow zone, a mask is mandatory even outdoors And a maximum of 4 people per table are allowed to sit in restaurants.

The change in travel conditions, valid until January 31, is to ensure that you can travel safely.

We wish you happy holidays and a good journey on your next holiday in Italy!

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